Roofing Options

What type of roofing does ML Windows use?

We have several options for your roofing needs. We bring you the perfect roofing package all at one place, an exclusive 50 year warranty from the biggest roofing company in the Midwest, and a local company that hires some of the best local roofers in the Grand Rapids area. The power of a huge companies warranty, the better prices and more friendly approach of the local guys. Fully licensed and fully insured, including workers comp, so you know your not at risk to be sued as you are when you hire the un-insured or under-insured guys out there (there are a lot of them). We take care to bring you the best options for roofing ventilation as well, so your roof can be more energy efficient and look new longer.

Does roofing ventilation matter?

It does, although some roofing contractors in Grand Rapids don’t factor this in to your project. You want the right amount of ventalation and the right ratio of intake to exhaust. We will stop out and show you the different options that are proven in studies to be the most effective and efficient for your home. A properly ventilated roof always saves on energy costs due to not taking heat from the home in the winter. It also prolongs the life of your roof and keeps it looking newer longer. Roofing in Grand Rapids Michigan is much different than somewhere with a more moderate winter, it is really important to get this right. (see “Energy Savings” for more)

Should I buy a rubber shingled roof?

Many people in West Michigan ask themselves this question due to it’s popularity in our area via Mr. Roof. Rubber expands and contracts at a relatively high rate, for this reason many are uncomfortable installing these roofing products in Michigan. Even if that was not the case, there are lifetime options that are much more affordable on the market today.

Do you offer metal roof options?

The short answer is yes. Before some company in Grand Rapids makes you think you need a $25,000 roof, have us out to go over all of your options to find the best roof for your home. Some metal roofs have exposed fasteners which can leak, and many manufacturers have tricky warranties (none cover dents from hail etc). If that seems like the best route when all options are on the table, then absolutely we will make sure it is installed right for you.

What kind of warranty can you offer?

The warranty largely depends on what options you choose. On a second layer, for example, the warranty is much shorter than a total tear off. We are a CertainTeed™ ShingleMaster Company and as such can offer a much better warranty from the manufacturer than what typically comes with your shingles, in addition to our companies proven track record on standing behind our work.

EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm #NAT-F113217-1

CT™  ShingleMaster Company

CT™  Master Craftsman Company (Vinyl Siding)

American Window and Door Institute (AWDI) Certified Installer Company


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