Our company is not just about sales, it is about people. We try to set ourselves apart with a dedication to always bringing you the best products installed in the best possible way, for longevity and efficiency. Although we are experienced and certified for everything we install, we know mistakes will still happen occasionally, so we remain dedicated to always working hard to make it right. That is the ML Windows difference. Grand Rapids, Walker, Grandville, Comstock Park, Kentwood, Wyoming, Forest Hills, this is your company as much as it is ours.

Importance of Installation

        If someone gives you a beautiful home on a private lake with 4 bathrooms and all the space you could ever want, but the foundation is not laid properly, your home will not last. If I gave you the cleanest water from the most obscure spring in the world, and put it in a rusty tub with leaks forming, it would be worthless. This is the importance of the actual installation process! 

Window Installation

As a AWDI certified company, we install your windows right and the difference is huge. The energy performance, longevity, and ability for your home to keep water tight depend on the install process. We have taken countless calls for window units, very nice by themselves, installed incorrectly actually draining water into the home potentially promoting dangerous black mold, leaking air around the window, or becoming inoperable only years after installation. We sell you best windows, and install them with techniques almost no one else in West Michigan is using.

Siding Installation

          I remember a call recently we took that had a 15 year old home with a large portion of rot due to poor siding installation. You see the weather resistant barrier (tyvek etc) is excellent if installed correctly. But if it is installed incorrectly, in some cases, it can actually leak water behind the barrier into your sheathing and ultimately causing huge amounts of damage. Siding has to be fastened right, or it will bow or become wavy as early as a year after installation. Many of the shortcuts that installers commonly use around the nation, we identify and eliminate to ensure your home is beautiful and protected from the weather for many years to come! We hold certification with CertainTeed™, who has over 100 years in the industry, for installation of vinyl siding and the weather resistant barrier.

Roofing Installation

         Your roof takes the most direct force of any part of your home. Although we do not “patch” leaky roofs, the calls and requests abound in a climate like ours. Many roofers still use out-dated products that are not the best for northern climates. 20 years ago they were all that was available, but we ensure your home has products that are best suited for the roughest winters, and the hottest summers. We are licensed and insured so you can have peace of mind, and trust us you would be surprised how many are not… and that alone can void your shingle manufacturers warranty. We are a CertainTeed™ ShingleMaster Company, which means we can offer you a lifetime warranty from one of the biggest shingle manufacturers that will cover all materials AND labor. Yes you read that right, they actually mail you a warranty that even covers labor costs. With the best materials and the correct installation, the risk and guesswork is taken out of the equation.

EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm #NAT-F113217-1

CT™  ShingleMaster Company

CT™  Master Craftsman Company (Vinyl Siding)

American Window and Door Institute (AWDI) Certified Installer Company


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